By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The flu is now considered “widespread” across Minnesota.

In other words, the flu virus has been reported at hospitals all over the state.

Many hospitals are placing restrictions on visitors to stop the spread.

“We’re seeing people with body aches, headaches, high fevers, sore throat, cough, wheezing,” said Dr. Bjorn Peterson.

Emergency rooms across the state are dealing with an increase in the number of people seeking relief from flu-like symptoms.

Doctors at Regions Hospital in St. Paul say they see more than 30 people a day who just don’t feel good.

“The hospital itself is seeing on average 10 patients a day that are hospitalized for flu-symptoms,” Peterson said.

The numbers are why the Minnesota Department of Health has declared influenza and respiratory illness widespread, which means hospitals will be placing restrictions on visitors to protect patients and staff.

(credit: CBS)

“We say stay at home if you can,” said Dr. Frank Rhame, an infectious disease doctor with Allina Health.

He says Allina triggers its visitor restriction when the flu is widespread. Nurses have both the authority and the responsibility to ask ill visitors to go home.

“We try to keep kids under 5 out altogether if we can,” Rhame said. “If they’re under 5, they can have influenza and not look very sick and still be very infectious.”

Signs are also posted throughout Allina clinics and hospitals asking people to wash their hands and cover their cough to decrease the chance of spreading the flu virus.

“There’ll be boxes of masks and hand sanitation cleanser at each of those entrances associated with each of those signs,” Rhame said.

The restrictions begin Jan. 2 for Allina Health hospitals, and will stay in effect until the flu is no longer widespread throughout the state.

As of this week, Allina has admitted 120 patients with influenza, and over 870 people have tested positive for the flu.

Doctors say now more than ever it’s important to get the flu shot — and it’s not too late.

Many clinics are offering the vaccine that some doctors say cut your chance by 50 percent of getting the flu.

Reg Chapman

Comments (20)
  1. Really strange how all of a sudden enormous amounts of people suddenly come down with the flu. Its almost like it was dropped down from above.

    1. chrismireya says:

      @Dennis P Ginther – …or, it is the result of an airborn VIRUS. Which is the more likely scenario?

    2. Lort Bizniz says:

      Amen. Its equally strange that we call it a “flu season” as if the flu virus magically appears out of nowhere in the winter months.

    3. Yeah, it is almost like it happens every year… FLU SEASON. Some years are worse than others. There is no conspiracy.

    4. Deloris Wing says:

      Yeah or maybe they all took the vaccine – that is what seems to have happened to us. Of five people in my household, my husband is the only one with the symptoms and the only one who had the vaccine.

  2. Bob Svancara says:

    Flu caused by flu shots. Go figure.

  3. Even the “experts” tell you that it will cut the chances by TEN percent. !!!!! WASH your hands CONSTANTLY and stay AWAY from sick people! NO need to take that risky worthless shot!

  4. Maybe the muslims will decide to go back the their third world cesspool!

  5. Lort Bizniz says:

    Judging by the comments on a MSM news website I’m encouraged to see that so many people are awake to the facts.

  6. Ben Perez says:


  7. Thomas Lewis says:

    This is how I stay well.
    My method is to not get a sore throat, chest cold or flu in the first place.
    The following two supplements keep my lungs and sinuses healthy and my lung and sinus mucus thinned and liquefied.

    What works for me is taking the yellow powder, quercetin dihydrate. It somehow galvanizes my lungs and sinuses.
    I am someone who believes that 500 mg per day (mornings) of quercetin dihydrate powder (about a level half teaspoon) is enough to guard the lungs and sinuses and protect them from colds and flu. I haven’t had my normal winter chest cold since starting quercetin 3 years ago. I thought that quercetin wasn’t helping me at all, so to discontinue taking quercetin I twice dropped the dose to 250 mg or zero (nothing) but both times I had the sniffles within a month. So it takes at least 400 mg quercetin per day for me. I also realized that quercetin had been giving me energy so I was glad to restart taking it.

    I buy quercetin dihydrate in the 250 gram bag at Bulk Supplements. A 250 gram bag will theoretically last about 500 days.

    For thinning and liquefying lung and sinus mucus, for decades I have taken a level half teaspoon of Mrs. Dash Table Blend (MDTB) seasoning mornings. It takes about 2 weeks to start thinning lung mucus so it can be coughed up more easily. The sinuses probably take longer to clear but should eventually. Increasing the MDTB dose doesn’t seem to increase the results.
    I just put both the Mrs. Dash Table Blend and quercetin in mouth together and wash down with water. It’s quicker that way.

    The more exact dose of Mrs. Dash table Blend that I have taken for decades with great results in thinning/liquefying lung and sinus mucus is 1/2 level measuring teaspoon mornings. I now just use a 7 inch long stainless steel iced teaspoon (1 level tsp) because it dips way down into the deep seasoning container easier.
    I had laryngitis in the Fall of 2016 where I couldn’t clear my throat, even though I was taking 500 mg of the aforementioned quercetin. I restarted taking the Mrs. Dash Table Blend and my throat cleared the same day, so there is something in the 14 herb seasoning that thins mucus, maybe the lemon oil.
    I eat dairy and cheese, but dairy in general and increasing dairy intake also seems to increase mucus production for me for a day or two.

    I buy MDTB at Walmart in the 6.75 oz size which lasts over 3 months.

    My take on vitamin C is that it doesn’t keep me from taking colds and flu. The same with vitamin D-3.
    I took lots of vit C for years during the 80’s and 90’s. I would take up to bowel tolerance.
    I took vit D-3 at 5000 units/day for 5 years starting in 2011 because I read that D-3 protects the lungs from getting colds and flu but I still got a chest cold each winter.
    Quercetin is what prevents colds and flu for me and I would try quercetin for any lung or sinus problem.

  8. toffles3344 says:

    It seems most people who get sick had the flu shot. I have never had a flu shot in my 63 years, and had the flu once, possibly twice, not sure if second time was really influenza. The flu shot is one vaccine that is worthless. Causes more problems than it solves.
    Google “Serial flu shot problem”. The more flu shots you get the less effective they are.

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