MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Ready or not, 2018 is here! That means we’re done with the holiday sales and on to the post-holiday sales. Chrysa Duran from Thrifty Jinxy Gets Us Movin’ with bargains from gym memberships, bedding and video games.

Hit the clearance racks this month and for Christmas items you can repurpose throughout the year.

“Wrapping paper is a good one,” Duran said. “If it’s solid prints, stars or stripes, you can use that for birthdays or other holidays. You can look for household goods, if they have snowflakes or winter designs — it’s OK, if you don’t mind having snowflakes in July. You can use napkins, paper plates, air fresheners — anything for the house.”

With so many people making New Year’s resolutions, gyms compete and often offer discounts.

“They’re all getting you to try to use their fitness club, so they will be offering discounts or waiving membership fees,” Duran said. “If there’s a particular gym you want to join and they aren’t advertising that, still ask when you go to sign up, and they might waive the fee or at least give you a discount for signing up with them.”

Even though it’s cold outside, clothing stores are already thinking spring, to clear their shelves for new inventory.

“Every year, I’m shocked to go in the store and to see things marked down right away when we still have months of winter left,” Duran said. “Anything that is for cold weather — like coats, jackets, boat sweaters — will start being on sale.

And the sales stretch beyond cold weather gear for the outside.

“January is a month known for its ‘white sales.’ So anything for home — linens, bedding, sheets, comfortable pillows, or the rest of the house like bath towels, kitchen towels you’lll find those on sales 30 to 60 percent off,” Duran said.

Finally, if someone in your family got a video game console for Christmas, January is a great time to buy the games.

“New games came out in the fall, and so now they’re already on sale, and even newer games announced this month at the electronic show and toy fair, so stores will move those out and bring in news games,” Duran said. “Stores like Gamestop, Best Buy, Target, Amazon — all will be having big sales in January.”