MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There’s just 33 days until Super Bowl LII descends on Minneapolis, and this week some downtown streets began to close for preparations.

On Tuesday, some streets immediately surrounding U.S. Bank Stadium closed, including stretches of Chicago Avenue South and 5th Street South.

(credit: City of Minneapolis)

The Super Bowl Host Committee says the closures are for the construction of the broadcast compound, which will host more than 5,000 media members during the big weekend.

Several other streets near the stadium will close in the days before the Super Bowl, including exits onto Interstate 94.

(For a detailed look at Super Bowl road closures, enlarge the map or click here).

Super Bowl officials say they are trying to make the process as painless as possible for the 160,000 people who commute to Minneapolis every day.

Steve Hals, a Vikings fan who commutes to work in Minneapolis, says he’s enjoying the activity in the city.

“I’m excited for the Super Bowl and not just because I think the Vikings are going to make it,” he said, adding that he’ll probably plan on starting his commute earlier than usual in the weeks to come.

He also says he will also take the bus.

The Super Bowl Host Committee says public transit will be running much more frequently for the week and a half leading up to the game.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

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  1. I heard Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield’s story on the news this evening and what a crock! She repeated the Superbowl Host Committee’s nonsense about a million people coming to the Superbowl and talked about how transit will not be a problem, yet didn’t say one word about Light Rail being shut down Superbowl weekend for everyone, but Superbowl Ticketholders.

    This is not news reporting, but cheerleading. I remember when WCCO used to be a re

  2. She said the road closures include exits onto Interstate 94. I am wondering if the 7th street exit from I-94 will be closed and if the 6th Street entrance to I-94 will be closed. If so, when.