MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center sent out a reminder Tuesday that it’s not just people who suffer from frostbite on these bitterly cold days.

Officials say a Trumpeter Swan is being treated for frostbite after injuries it sustained that prevented it from flying or moving comfortably. Officials at the center say it’s uncommon for waterfowl to suffer from frostbite due to an ingenious blood system.

They say it can happen, though, when a bird is injured, sick or suffering from lead toxicity so it’s not moving around.

Officials say the bird’s other injuries are healing well, but they are still concerned about the frostbite. They say they are waiting for the frostbite to fully declare and may have to surgically remove part of the bird’s webbing. The hope is the bird can keep at least a third of its webbing.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center officials say there is concern over the bird’s webbing because it doesn’t grow back, and swans need their webbed feet to balance, run, and take flight.