MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Super Bowl LII organizers are crossing their fingers that the weather stays cold enough for the ice to stay ice.

Much of the festivities are based on the “Bold North” theme.

The last time Minnesota hosted a Super Bowl was in January of 1992. The high that day was 39 degrees. The low was 28 degrees.

Organizers of this Super Bowl are hoping for more of a winter wonderland.

Michael Howard is the Communications Director of the Super Bowl Host Committee.

“We are hosting the Super Bowl in the Bold North, so we are encouraging our Super Bowl visitors to spend some time outside, experience Minnesota and see that we as Minnesotans like to lean into the weather and have a good time,” Howard said.

The Super Bowl experience is being built around having fun amidst weather some see as miserable. They will be pumping snow down Nicollet Mall and constructing a bridge made for snow play.

It will be shipped here from Heyward, Wis.

“There will be tons of snow on it, skijoring, fat tire bike races going throughout the 10-day festival, so we are prepared to make,” Howard said.

The average high for the first weekend in February is 26 degrees, which is what organizers say would make for a perfectly cool experience.

Howard explains, “20s, 30s, maybe a light coat of snow and the sun shining in the air. If we could dial that up for the week it would make for an excellent Super Bowl festival in the Bold North.”

Chances are at least one team that makes it to the big game will be from a warmer climate. So the host committee literally has directions on how to dress for the cold on their web site.

  1. Dave Miller says:

    I’ve never heard of “Heyward”, WI. Is that anywhere near “Hayward”, WI.

    Please use your spellcheck, or consult a map next time, before you post your article.

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