MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A southern Minnesota woman is facing felony charges after she allegedly kicked out an Uber driver’s windshield, damaged his cellphone and commanded her dog to “kill” a responding police officer.

(credit: Blue Earth County )

Mary Kathryn Boettcher, 36, of Mankato, is charged with fourth-degree assault against a peace officer, obstructing the legal process and first-degree damage to property, according to documents filed in Blue Earth County.

The charges stem from the night of Dec. 30, when officials say an Uber driver called 911 after a woman kicked out his windshield and broke his cellphone before heading inside a home. A witness in the Uber told police the woman was very intoxicated and “freaked out” when the Uber got close to her house.

According to a criminal complaint, officers responded to the home and identified the woman as Boettcher.

When the officer knocked on her door, Boettcher answered but refused to step outside to talk. When the officer stuck his foot in the door to prevent it from being shut on him, Boettcher ordered her dog to “kill” him several times, the complaint states, adding that the animal weighed between 25 and 30 pounds.

The dog attacked the officer’s legs. Meanwhile, he tried to pull Boettcher from the house, but the effort caused him to slip, resulting with the two adults tumbling into the front yard, the complaint states. The dog continued to attack the officer.

Once outside, another officer was able to handcuff Boettcher while his colleague got control of the dog. The complaint states that the animal left him with five wounds on his legs, some of which were bleeding.

If convicted of the charges, Boettcher faces years behind bars and more than $10,000 in fines.

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  1. wow – fascinating story, tumbling into the yard and all that with an attack dog jumping in the mix. Hopefully they will have some good anger management groups in prison.

  2. jay10940 says:

    Where was her husband?

    1. Robert Quinn says:

      Yeah, I be shocked if she was single.

  3. Spontaneous1 says:

    woof woof .Was she the dog???

  4. riosam77 says:

    For a change, a story where an officer would have been justified in shooting an attacking dog, but no that doesn’t happen….. I guess they prefer to kill when approached by a friendly tail wagging dog…..

    1. Adam Peter says:

      they would rather kill someone unarmed or a dog patiently sitting.

  5. John Butts says:

    Now, why is it this idiot woman’s photo and name is instantly published but yet we haven’t heard a word of who beat up a 70 y.o. Sheriff who died in San Bernardino just a week ago……hmmmmmmmm…….

    1. Now John you know the answer to that! She’s a white, blonde haired woman who is probably an American citizen. Everyone else gets a pass.

  6. So we had an accusation of property damage against a person and the accused person didn’t want to talk to the police or leave their home. So the police pull the person from the home? Ever hear of a warrant? The 30lb dog aspect is just noise.

  7. LOL ! Obviously a triggered Crooked Hillary supporter. Lock her up.

  8. Steven Zore says:

    That’s so hot, this woman needs a little TLC…. I’d tame her good.

    1. bandit08 says:

      That’s the dogs job – he’s got a longer toungue

  9. Larry Daley says:

    Thank G-d that the officers did not kill that dog

    Their forbearance deserves credit,,,,,

  10. Jack Inmanz says:

    She’s crazy. I’ve seen that look before.

  11. Toga Person says:

    In NYC they would have shot the dog eight times. Good on them for showing some compassion.

  12. chrismireya says:

    This is why we stay off of drugs, kids.

  13. why do they keep showing mug shots of the dog? where is the woman??