MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Comedian Bill Maher posted a tweet Thursday seemingly mocking the now infamous picture of former Sen. Al Franken with his hands over a Los Angeles radio host’s breasts.

In November, Leeann Tweeden said Franken sexually assaulted her in 2006 while the two were on a tour in the Middle East to entertain troops.

Tweeden said Franken forcibly kissed her while rehearsing for a skit. She also released a photo of Franken holding his hands over her breasts while she was asleep on a plane.

After a string of accusations by other women, Franken eventually resigned from his Senate seat.

Maher’s photo shows him on a plane, holding his hands over fellow comedian Bob Saget’s chest.

“These New Years Hawaii trips are getting weird,” Maher said in the tweet. “Saget, forgive me!”

Maher is known for his political commentary, particularly on his HBO show “Real Time With Bill Maher.”

  1. I’m so so angry about Al being forced to take one for the team. omg this is so WRONG in every way. Do the women who did this not know how to separate the good guys who make dumb mistakes w playful affection& yes, even kisses from real predation? Is there no grey anymore? I’m proud to call myself a feminazi (esp. w the dolts on the far right)..my guy partner of 40+ years is an out feminist. He did that years ago so nonchalantly, so effortlessly, it just proved to me I did good in the life partner department.(& he’s an introvert, not a show off like me).
    Anyway, as bad as things have been with this scary prez (I just bought 4 subscriptions to MAD to try to heal myself & some friends.latest one is hot), now we have to see the Dems being purer & dumber than the Repugs…I didn’t even think that was possible.Well, I sure know now! This is the kind of phony madness that created the sex offender laws &public registry, with a LARGE majority of mostly men on it having their lives (& their families lives) punished indefinitely.for minor sex crimes by. .puritanical, paranoid, simple-minded folks OR we’re- better-than–you-are Dems & we’ll prove it by throwing away one of our best people, who, yes, made a few stupid mistakes ( anonymous accusers don’t count cause even tho we all know women NEVER lie, one or two do..for their 15 minutes of fame or mindless political persuasion . MAGA? SANITY LOSES

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