MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Police are looking into the second fatal shooting of the first week of the year.

One person was killed in this morning’s shooting, another injured. It happened near Fifth Street and 12th Avenue. That’s in Dinkytown, just blocks from the University of Minnesota campus.

desean daggs 1 Dead, 1 Injured In Overnight Dinkytown Shooting

(credit: Daggs family)

Loved ones of 23-year-old DeSean Daggs of Eden Prairie are confirming to WCCO that he was the victim in the fatal shooting.

Most students have not returned to campus yet, classes start again on Jan. 16. Police have confirmed to WCCO that this shooting had nothing to do with the University, but a young, well-loved man did lose his life.

After their morning service, worshipers from University Lutheran walked to the nearby crime scene. They read and prayed, “Come Holy Spirit and heal all that is broken in our lives, in our streets and in our world.”

Word had already spread that the morning raged with violence on a street that’s typically silent this time of year.

Shawn McLeod has lived in the Dinkytown neighborhood for 14 years and she says it’s not what you may think.

“I think people, because they think it’s college kids, they think that there’s partying all the time and nonstop and it really isn’t like that,” McLeod said.

Police say despite the holiday break there was some sort of gathering Saturday night. Officers were called out after 2 a.m. They say someone had shot two people. One of the victims had passed away in the front yard, another was treated at HCMC.

The man who died was 23-year-old DeSean Daggs of Eden Prairie. His family says he was very family oriented and looked out for his five younger siblings.

“You don’t understand what happened, who could be that mad about something to let that happen,” McLeod said.

And that’s what officers are trying to figure out too, they say they are conducting interviews but are not ready to release an official description.

There was another person shot in this incident, that person is expected to be OK.

“I feel terrible that a human life was wasted, possibly multiple and I feel terrible for the people involved with it,” said neighbor Patrick Berry.

Berry and Joy Stamps live down the street from the home, right next to a mobile surveillance camera set up by University of Minnesota Police.

Stamps said an officer stopped by to review the footage it captured and described it to her. Stamps said the officer told her, “There was tons of people there last night. The house was packed. Once [the shooting] happened, people were jumping into cars and vehicles and just drove off.”

Berry said the officer told them the camera was set up due to recent robberies in the area. Now the addition of a fatal shooting makes Berry and Stamps concerned for their safety.

“It’s just kind of shocking,” said Stamps.


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