MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Change is underway in the city of Minneapolis. Several new leaders, including Mayor Jacob Frey, took office.

Shortly after, Mayor Frey told WCCO, “I’m gonna be working like a dog but I’m gonna have a helluva time.”

An excited Mayor Frey was formally inaugurated at City Hall Monday morning. So were several new council members, making for a historically diverse Minneapolis City Council.

Mayor Frey said this is his dream job.

In the rotunda of City Hall, there was American Indian dancing and singing from a north Minneapolis choir, and a Somali prayer.

The man of the hour jumped up and down with excitement, almost like a boxer ready for a match.  He explained his pre-speech ritual.

“The truth is that I probably prepare for a speech similar to how I used to prepare for a big race, so a little shaking it out,” Frey said.

And with two words, “I do,” Mayor Frey became officially official.

He talked mainly about his first priority.

“Affordable housing should be in every neighborhood because everybody has a right to live in a great city,” Frey said.

He also talked about police-community relations, and the importance of equality.

“Allowing a system of racial injustice to stay in place damages our shared sense of humanity,” Frey said.

And he addressed working closer with St. Paul, even serenading their new mayor, Melvin Carter, on his birthday. He led the crowd in “Happy Birthday to You.”

Frey said his excitement is only beginning.

“Yeah we’re working hard, that we’re effectively governing and serving but we are also having fun while doing so,” Frey said.

Mayor Frey also plans to create an open door policy, saying he wants to hear more input from the community.

  1. Tim Neumann says:

    Minneapolis sends out a 24% tax hike so the self serving city council can pay itself, then the public schools want an additional 30 million. Now the new mayor thinks everyone should live in his city via affordable housing while imposing wage requirements on businesses. Watch for a great exodus and then taxes will go even higher to make up the shortfall gap.

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