MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A third woman is accusing a University of Minnesota basketball player of sexual assault, and a school panel has recommended his expulsion.

Senior Reggie Lynch was accused of sexual assault for the second time late last week. That alleged incident took place in April of 2016, and was investigated last fall after the victim reported it to school officials.

The university’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action recommended from that investigation that Lynch be suspended and banned from campus until 202. Lynch has since appealed that ruling.

A third accuser has since come forward, saying she was assaulted by Lynch on April 7, 2016, at an off-campus location. The EOAA finished the investigation of that case on Jan. 3, and recommended Lynch be expelled from the University of Minnesota.

Minnesota Athletic Director Mark Coyle said last Friday, Jan. 5, that Lynch was suspended from athletic competition but would be able to practice, receive medical treatment and participate in team activities.

The University of Minnesota released a statement Tuesday night, saying it cannot comment on the latest allegation due to student privacy laws.

“The University understands and shares the frustration that it cannot share more information. However, federal privacy protections prohibit the University from sharing information related to any specific student discipline matter. The University takes its responsibility seriously and is committed to allowing for due process for all parties involved. The University has and will continue to follow its processes and procedures to the letter of the law in relation to matters of student educational data, but understands the public’s desire for more information,” the statement reads.

Lynch’s lawyer, Ryan Pacyga, posted on Twitter Tuesday afternoon that he will speak with the media on Wednesday regarding Lynch’s case.

Lynch was arrested back in 2016 after the first accusation of sexual assault. He was never charged in the case and cleared after an EOAA investigation.


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