By Kim Johnson

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — You could call Brian Sullivan a jack of all trades. As the Head of School at Maranatha Christian Academy in Minneapolis he shapes the lives of students in school, church and far beyond.

His dedication to enrich them now and into the future is what makes Mr. Sullivan an Excellent Educator.

For 32 years, this is how Mr. Sullivan has started his day the same way, greeting students with a smile.

“I love kids, I love being with kids. They’re honest, they’re so guile. They’re authentic. If you stink they’re going to tell you stink, if you’re good they’re going to tell you you’re good and I love that,” he said.

Sullivan has been at the helm of this Christian K-12 school almost since its beginning. When he’s not planning budgets and curriculum, you can find him right next door as a pastor at Living Word Church.

“I have to say my pastoral heart has grown, I feel like I get to pastor these students as well as be head of school,” he said. That means being with his students through all milestones in life, such as the start of a marriage.

“Last year I performed eight ceremonies for alums of the school,” he said.

But also the harder times, too.

“This year I did a funeral for one of our families’ grandparents. I do hospital visits,” he said.

When his students need him, he’s always there. But at home, Sullivan is a bit of a renaissance family man, too, as a father and grandpa. He says home is where he pulls his inspiration, especially from his youngest daughter Megan, who is severely handicapped.

“Megan is the moral compass of our family, she makes me want to be a better dad, husband, better grandfather, Christian, better man,” he said.

Because of Megan, Sullivan has pushed for better programs at his school for students with disabilities.

“Providing a place for children, young adults and adults with disabilities mental of and physical, they can feel like they are part of a community,” he said.

A community that’s lucky to have a leader who invests so much and is making a difference.
“This is the essence of my life, this is my calling,” he said.


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