By Jeff Wagner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Paying the price to park in downtown Minneapolis varies — and some commuters shell out a pretty penny to make sure it’s always in a garage.

“When I come downtown to go to the Stone Arch [Bridge], or anything else I park at the Haaf Ramp, because it’s where I’m used to parking at,” said James Everett, who has a permit to use the ramp daily.

On Super Bowl Sunday, his permit won’t matter. The city is revoking the permits for the day of the Big Game, Feb. 4.

“I think especially around the Super Bowl — being that the plaza is right across the street — most of us, I think subconsciously, assumed we wouldn’t be able to park,” he said.

The garage is located about three blocks from U.S. Bank Stadium, but not every garage facing the new restrictions so close to the Big Game. Many are closer to Target Field, such as ramps A, B, and C which is where T.J. Shaffer parks.

“Every other day you can park down here — Twins games, Vikings games, anything,” Shaffer said.

super bowl parking permits Downtown Minneapolis Parking Permits Revoked For Super Bowl Sunday

(credit: CBS)

The garages where permits are revoked on Super Bowl Sunday include:

  • A Ramp, 101 N. Ninth St.
  • B Ramp, 516 Second Ave. N.
  • C Ramp, 318 Second Ave. N.
  • Jerry Haaf Memorial Ramp, 424 S. Fourth St.
  • Leamington, 1001 Second Ave. S.
  • Mill Quarter, 711 Second St. S.
  • Riverfront, 212 Ninth Ave. S.
  • 10th & Hennepin, 935 Hennepin Ave.

The city is reminding people they can use parking meter spots the day of the Big Game, but only half of the 8,000 meter spots will be available, since some streets will be closed.

“I don’t know why you wouldn’t be compensated on the day that they’re taking away your spot with all the money that’s going through the city on that day,” Shaffer said.

Shaffer won’t be downtown for the Super Bowl, but if another person with a garage permit wanted use the space they’ll be allowed to purchase a spot for the day through the NFL Mobile Fan Pass.

“I think most Minnesotans, we’re understanding of that. We’re happy to have the Super Bowl here,” Everett said.

The city says there are 40,000 parking spaces in private ramps and lots that are available to the public. However, the companies that operate them might also be making special accommodations for the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl Host Committee has a lot of useful resources about transportation during the busy weekend on their website.


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