MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Republicans and Democrats alike are condemning racially-charged comments President Donald Trump made about immigrants Thursday during a bipartisan meeting to discuss a plan to provide protection to DACA recipients.

The president reportedly said, “Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?”

A source tells CBS News Trump was referring to immigrants from Africa, Haiti and El Salvador.

At an event Friday to honor Martin Luther King Jr., the president ignored reporters’ questions on the comment.

Reaction has poured in from Congress and legislators in Minnesota, and all are condemning the comments.

Ilhan Omar, the first Somali-American state representative, used the hashtag “#RacistInChief.” The Democrat tweeted she is not ashamed of the country where she was born.

“But make no mistake, I am ashamed, disturbed, and outraged that the leader of the United States can’t see beyond his own embarrassing privilege to embrace the diversity that has made this country great for generations.”

Members of President Trump’s own party expressed outrage on social media. Republican U.S. Representative Erik Paulsen tweeted, “It is completely inappropriate for the President to refer to other countries in the manner in which he reportedly did.” He also said he hopes the White House apologizes.

Democratic Representative Tim Walz said, “This is racism, plain and simple, and we need to call it that. My Republican colleagues need to call it that too.”

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar called the comment disrespectful. The Democrat says she has helped Minnesota families adopt children from Haiti.

“For them I can’t even imagine what this is like to hear this language,” Klobuchar said. “I’m not surprised these ambassadors have resigned, and it also hurts our image across the world when we talk like that.”

The junior Minnesota U.S. Senator Tina Smith also weighed in.

“I think that the president’s hateful and divisive rhetoric ought to be condemned,” Smith said. “I think everybody ought to condemn it.”

In a series of tweets Friday morning, Trump denied the profane comments.

Comments (7)
  1. Walz proves himself once again to be a lying idiot….only a lying pervert pos would call it racist..nothing racist at all…crude and stupid remark not racist timbo numbnut atheist

  2. Kevin Ol says:

    Maybe you clowns should actually look up what racism is, I know that would require reading and comprehension and I don’t know if they could handle it. A better way to look at this is the U.S. needs to stop trying to save the world and let some other countries take in people from some of these countries. The U.S. has enough homeless and downtrodden citizens of our own that need help.

  3. Get over it WCCO — Hillary lost! It’s not like LBJ who actually used the N-word in the whitehouse and is quoted saying “I’ll have them N-words voting Democrat for the next 100 years” in front of two governors.

  4. Words said or not said. Many believe the question needs to be answered. There are reasons MN does not vacation in the Caribbean country of Haiti. The streets are filled with garbage and crime is out of control. Never been to Somalis, but “Little Magadiscio” AKA parts of SE Mpls is loaded with crime of violence. Look at the tax funded public assistance percentages and fraud surrounding just these two groups. Much more to say, but common sense will come out. Truth will once again hurt democrat leaders. Just give it time.

  5. Hans Zink says:

    Glad I moved out of the Minneapolis years ago. With all of the libs running the state and the heavy influx of foreign welfare and crime that the good folks of the state are paying for in high taxes. Turning the state into a s***hole.

  6. Thanks, President Trump for telling it like it is.

  7. According to the dictionary definition of ‘S***hole’, it simply means a grossly unpleasant place to be….which is perhaps why some of the immigrants….and certainly refugees who claim ” persecution ” have left those areas. To raise such a HUGE kefluffle over a few words when other officials have engaged in overt actions much more deleterious to the people and the countries involved is politically correct political hypocrisy magnified. Trump’s critics are the same politicians who stayed silent when the Clinton Foundation was apparently looting Haiti….the same politicians who are not speaking up as Keith Ellison and Mitt Romney endorse internationalist Antifa’s terrorist street tactics. Ellison also supporting HAMAS and Hezzbollah…..When is the last time you heard a Washington politician speak out against Boko Haram ( ISIS counterpart ) in Nigeria? AND, the question remains…..Why ARE we taking refugees at the direction of the UN, rather than determining for ourselves who, how many and when we take immigrants and refugees we feel will benefit Amrica’s growth and security?

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