MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The bitter cold was well-received on Sunday, some embracing it fully at the Minnesota Vikings tailgate.

Like Josh Forsman of Ely, who took part in a pop-up tailgating sauna.

“Feels perfect, it’s a beautiful day in Minnesota. Gotta love this weather, I mean I came from the range where it’s minus-40,” Forsman said.

Forsman gave that quote to WCCO standing in slush in single digit temperatures, barefoot in a bathing suit.

It’s Josh Goolsbee who hosts a large food-filled tailgate. He said the weather was great too.

“It feels right, feels right,” Goolsbee said.

But for some, the snow is better appreciated from afar.  Before the game, Tyler Wadsworth spent the afternoon at Wilde Café in northeast Minneapolis.

“This is a great day to be in a coffee house,” Wadsworth said.

Wadsworth was one of many who enjoyed the view from inside Wild Cafe in northeast Minneapolis.

“I’d say I’m trying to do a warm drink, probably a warm meal. If warm company is with me all the better,” Wadsworth said.

Many found company here, much to the delight of the manager.

“We see that we are busy all day long. Starts right away when we open at 7, with people coming in to get coffee (they bring their laptops in to do some work or hang out by the fireplace),” Manager Keri Larson said.

Amazing how the very same day can be appreciated in such different ways, Forsman said.

“And your feet?  I’m warm, it’s gorgeous, 180 degrees in the sauna so this feels great,” Forsman said.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield