MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Vikings are getting ready to head to Philadelphia to face the Eagles in the NFC Championship game.

Philadelphia Police have been warning businesses and residents to be on guard and ensure safety ahead of the game, and even police in Minnesota are taking precautions.

A letter was sent out to Philly business owners this week asking them to “have grates locked and secured in order to protect your property,” even asking to remove outside trash bins and flower pots.

“We have staffed up across the city, but certainly in areas where people may be conregating to watch the game,” John Elder of the Minneapolis Police said.

Even here at home in Minneapolis, police are taking precautions as restaurants and bars will be packed for public viewing parties.

“Both Saturday and Sunday night we have additional patrols on,” Elder said.

There have been riots over Minnesota sports outcomes before. In 2003, Gopher fans set cars and mattresses on fire on the school campus after the hockey team won a national title. Of course, the Vikings haven’t made it to a Super Bowl in almost fifty years.

“We do have contingency plans set up for a win or a loss,” Elder said.

What those plans are exactly aren’t public. For Vikings fans going to Philly, some travel agents are encouraging them to go incognito once the game is over — remove your jerseys, purple gear, and Creative Charters said don’t be too intoxicated.

Here at home, rock your purple pride as much as you want. Just be responsible.

“We ask people to act responsibly, see something that is problematic get away,” Elder said. “If asked to leave leave the area by law enforcement, leave the area.”

St. Paul Police said their patrols are on their normal schedule.


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