MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — While there is a lot of attention on Minneapolis, this weekend is busy across the river. St. Paul is host to a number of events.

Red Bull’s Crashed Ice draws over 100,000 spectators from across the world during the course of the event.

“The winters get so long everybody’s looking for a reason to get outside,” Ben Hoefer said.

World Champion competitor and Minnesotan Cameron Naasz calls this event a favorite.

“St. Paul is one of the best events of the year for sure. We have the largest crowd. Coolest venue, it’s run very well, very organized so as an athlete that organization it doesn’t make it as hectic especially in an extreme sport like this,” Naasz.

That’s also what makes it fun for the fans.

“When they’re racing together that’s probably the most exciting 30 seconds in sports wouldn’t you say?” Pat Brown said.

Across the street, the Minnesota Wild will play at the X as part of Hockey Day in Minnesota. Next door, outdoor and sports enthusiasts can take in the Sportsmen’s Show. It usually brings in 20,000 to 25,000 people. This year a record attendance is expected.

“Number one it’s been cold and it’s becoming warm so cabin fever and then we also have Crashed Ice in town that’s going to bring people down, they’ll do us first and do that after,” Barry Ceniako with the Sportmen’s Show said.

New mayor Melvin Carter is proud the events choose St. Paul to play host.

“This is the greatest city in the world we’re going to prove it this weekend, we’re going to prove it every chance we get,” Carter said.

The start times for the events are staggered, but it’s still a good idea to allow for extra time getting to an event and parking.

Metro Transit partnered with Red Bull Jan. 20 to offer free rides beginning at noon. Click here to download a printable pass.