MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration, the government is shutting down.

Friday night, a Senate vote to fund the government through Feb. 16 failed.

Private discussions continued on the floor even after the midnight deadline came and went, but to no avail.

But how is the federal government shutting down affecting people in Minnesota?

The shutdown of our federal government impacts everyone to a degree. Here in Minnesota, furloughs have been signed for federal workers. Some were told Saturday they could not work. Others will be told Monday there is no work until a budget is passed.

A sign greeted visitors to the Mississippi National River and Recreation Center inside the lobby of the the Science Museum Saturday morning, letting people know that because of the government shutdown, it will not be staffed.

“Today is Winter Trails Day, we’re here with a bunch of our partners and we are out having fun,” Krista Jensen with Ft. Snelling State Park said.

Ft. Snelling State Park’s Winter Trails Day features ice bowling, air archery, racing with kayaks and ice fishing. Missing is ice harvesting and carving. The two stations federal employees worked for the event were called off because the workers were furloughed.

“We’re adapting today. There is still lots to do, coming up with some of these new and creative things but the show goes on,” Jensen said.

Facilities at Coldwater Springs inside the state park will remain accessible without being staffed. If there is snow, it won’t be plowed because federal workers who take care of maintenance have also been furloughed.

Sen. Tina Smith has been in D.C. for two weeks and believes people on both sides of this budget fight will find common ground to get the government running again.

“We have so much that we can work together on and I think in a lot of ways this is a Trump shutdown because of the way that he has — when you are trying to come to an agreement with somebody, you need to feel that you can talk with them and you know where they are coming from and you can try to find common ground,” Smith said. “And he’s just been kind of all over the place it makes it really, really hard to resolve, but we’re going to keep on trying.”

Essential federal employees will still work, like air traffic controllers, postal services, national security and impatient medical services.

Smith says she is optimistic they will get this resolved and come to terms on a budget.

Reg Chapman

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