MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Several agencies are trying to figure out how a deadly power line accident unfolded this weekend.

The accident happened Saturday in Faribault at 17th Street NW and Hulett Avenue. Three construction workers were involved, one of them died and another is at Hennepin County Medical Center.

What happened here is something the police captain says is unlike anything they’ve handled before. Crews have been working at the scene after an accident with a horrific outcome.

Officers say three men were working construction and working on the gutters of a new assisted living center. They say the arm of one of the lifts hit a power line, and it hit the other two lifts. One of the men walked away, another 39-year-old Anthony Bundrick, is in critical condition at HCMC and the third victim Eric Hunter, 42 of Waterville, lost his life.

Because what happened here was so serious, Xcel Energy and OSHA will be investigating.  Officers say the man who was killed and the man who was injured both suffered cardiac arrest.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield