By David McCoy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — That the Vikings lost to a good team was not necessarily a surprise. It was always a possibility. But to play that poorly, and to lose that badly, it’s still hard to explain how it happened. Not that they don’t know why.

“I think we all know why it went the way it did,” wide receiver Adam Thielen said. “I think it goes back to the things that coach Zimmer and this staff has been talking about since OTAs last year is, turnovers, third down conversions, third downs in the red zone, and scoring in the red zone. And they beat us in all those areas.”

“We just didn’t do enough to win the game. It’s that simple,” running back Jerick McKinnon said.

“It’s hard to just kind of flush it away. But I think you just have to just use it to your advantage, try to take things away that you could have done better, and use that situation for when you’re back,” Thielen said.

“It happened, and it’s unfortunate, but I think for us it’s to move forward and to be able to come back next year and have that same goal in mind to make it to the Super Bowl,” defensive tackle Shamar Stephen said.

Because this is a team that believes it has brighter days ahead — that its window to contend is just opening.

“That was just the starting point of something good for this organization,” running back Dalvin Cook said.

“This team’s got a high ceiling. And it’s going to go as high as we want it to go. So this offseason’s going to determine everything. How we come back and rebound.”

So the Vikings enter into an offseason with some significant personnel questions to answer. Namely, who their starting quarterback is going to be next season. For a team that otherwise feels like it’s well set-up to contend again, that’s a big one.

  1. Yep, gotta move forward. We keep getting better and keep going deeper into the playoffs every year, gotta stay the course, cut some of riff raff and upgrade where we’re weak at. After giving up 62 points the last five quarters of the season, it should be easy to see where imporvements are needed.

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