By Heather Brown

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — WCCO has put a fish pond on its rooftop.

Celebrities will be fishing from it all Super Bowl week as part of the WCCO MinneCentric Experience.

It is a way to celebrate Minnesota and support ACES — Athletes Committed to Educating Students.

Viewers watching the progress of the pond have had all kinds of Good Questions about it, like Al from Inver Grove Heights, who wanted to know: How do you fish on a roof?

The pond sits on the northwest corner of the WCCO Rooftop, under the canopy that usually houses the grill, which was removed.

It was replaced with a mini-cabin that is adorned with fish house décor, including a $75 plaid Craigslist couch from Greenfield.

Mark Rosen and Kalid Ali in WCCO’s Rooftop Fish House (credit: CBS)

Two fish holes were drilled into the 600-gallon tank. The water is about 3-feet deep and is 53 degrees.

It was filled Thursday with about a dozen bluegill and perch from 10,000 Lakes Aquaculture fishery in Osakis.

The heartier fish are serving as a test run before the pond is restocked on Friday with rainbow trout and crappies.

WCCO consulted 10,000 Aquaculture and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources before embarking on the project.

“As much as we want to have fun, as much as we want to raise money, you got to do things right when it comes to our wildlife,” said Casey Kespohl, WCCO-TV’s creative director.

The DNR offered advice on types of fish, filtration, aeration and temperature. How often the pond is restocked will depend on how many celebrities catch fish.

Heather Brown