MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s something that may have seemed impossible a week ago. But on Tuesday, the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles were on the same team.

The “frenemies” are teaming up to support Special Olympics for a heartfelt Super Bowl event that started on the field – working up a sweat – followed by an extreme cool down. Wind chills were in the single digits Tuesday on the very active Nicollet Mall.

But there were no complaints, even the ones who took the Polar Plunge.

This was a well-deserved cool down after some well-played touchdowns. These athletes came ready.

“I’m ready because I want to support every Viking player that there is out on the field so,” Zach Clark said.

Was he ever. Zach Clark – who plays for team purple –  quickly led his team for the score.

“Flag football is one of our fastest-growing sports. Special Olympics here and what you are seeing here, it’s a unified sport so it’s people with and without disabilities on the same team,” Dave Dorn, president and CEO of Special Olympics Minnesota, said.

The unification was rampant.  The Eagles and the Patriots cheerleaders adorned the sidelines, and two teams who recently had a falling out became friends. Vikings and Eagles players were playing coach.

“Man, they are phenomenal. They’re having a great time, you know what, purple team’s gonna win,” Harold Jones-Quartey with the Philadelphia Eagles said.

But it seemed everyone won as those with disabilities and were recognized for their abilities.

“To have it highlighted here for the Super Bowl, on the biggest stage with NFL players, it doesn’t get any better than this,” Dorn said.

It may not get better, but they made sure it got cooler.

So it was a great day of support for the Special Olympics. All those kids are from Minnesota – but even for Minnesotans – jumping in that pool was extra bold.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield