MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – When asked if he’ll be rooting for the New England Patriots during Super Bowl LII, Halftime Show performer Justin Timberlake deflected Thursday, falling back on his fandom for the Green Bay Packers.

“Go Pack Go,” he said at a Halftime Show press conference in downtown Minneapolis.

In the crowd of gathered media, Packers fans cheered at his response. The local Vikings fans remained silent. Others perhaps wondered why he wouldn’t back his friend Tom Brady, the Patriots’ star quarterback.

When a Boston reporter asked to clarify if the 37-year-old pop star said “Go Pats Go,” Timberblake repeated the cheesehead cheer.

In a recent interview with NFL Network, Timberlake said his Green Bay fandom began with former quarterback Brett Favre.

“Brett Favre was the king of the south,” he said. “Being where I was from, when he went to Green Bay, that’s when a lot of us in our hometown shifted to be Packers fans.”

Timberlake also cited Lambeau Field as a draw to being a Packers fan, as well as the team’s unique ownership structure.


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