MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Many in these parts have some issues with the Philadelphia Eagle fans.

Are they good fans with passion for their team?  Or are they out of control? WCCO’s Mike Max asked some Eagles players, and found some reason for the issue with Minnesota.

We’ve heard all the stories. The Eagles fans intimidating Minnesotans… Really?

“No doubt. That’s who we are. The city is like that, the fans are like that and the team is like that. That’s just who we are,” Eagles defensive tackle Tim Jernigan said. “No apologies at all.”

They even got into on media night at Xcel Energy Center. A little friendly pay back.

“The Eagles fans are awesome. You heard them in here doing the Skol chant. I’m not sure Vikings fans were too thrilled about that,” Eagles defender and Minnetonka native Beau Allen said.

So it seems we have a perception difference, as in these are great fans if they’re cheering for you.

“They are loud. And they are truly some of the best, maybe the best, in the NFL,” Eagles receiver Torrey Smith said. “The passion, the heart, dedication, I mean they know everything. Every stat, every player on the team, all that.”

And it seems that partnership works out well, as long as you perform anyway.

“Yeah I mean super, super passionate, I think everyone sees that. They’ve got our back every time we step out there,” kicker Jake Elliot said.

What one insider from Philadelphia says is they have no angst or grudge against Minnesota fans. But, someone put a Viking jersey on the statue of Rocky in Philadelphia.

  1. No Vikings fans are intimidated by any eagles fans…. If the eagles fans act up, they will get a passionate ass kicking…

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