MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — People from all over the world will be coming to Minneapolis this weekend.

That means it’s a good time to show off some of our Minnesota classics.

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Despite the grape salad fiasco, Minnesota is known for several popular food staples and we have a great collection of locally owned businesses.

They came from Philly, Boston, Long Beach, California.

“Everybody talked about a Jucy Lucy so we started researching and it said the original one was here,” one visitor said.

The Jucy Lucy — and the debate of who created the original — is a Minnesota rite of passage.

The line was out the door with Super Bowl travelers wanting a taste of that oozy goodness at Matt’s Bar.

“We’re doing 6 to 800 per day. A lot of burgers off a little grill,” general manager Paul Rees said.

But if a neighborhood bar isn’t your thing, how about the catch of the day.

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The locally sourced Walleye at Zelo can be found right off the Super Bowl festivities along Nicollet Mall downtown.

“We’re looking forward to see how busy we can handle and we’ve been doing a really good job so far,” sous chef Nate Hanssen said.

Of course Minnesota is known for more than just the food. The North Local Market inside City Center shows off dozens of locally made merchandise for your Bold North Pride, like travel and apparel accessories from Urban Undercover

“It’s a great opportunity. It’s been amazing and the feedback we’re getting from people in the building, too, is awesome,” Sairey Gernes with Urban Undercover said.

So even if the cold isn’t your thing, we’re still proud of what we’ve got in Minnesota

“First time I ever had this thing, it was better than expected,” a Philadelphia Eagles fan said.

A restaurant that is known for bringing in celebrities when they’re in town is Spoon and Stable in Minneapolis. They are booked for a private event Friday night and most reservations are taken up.

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But the bar is always open so if you can find a walk up spot you can do that and there are actually a few reservations open Sunday. The catch? They’re during the Super Bowl.

Kate Raddatz