By Mary McGuire

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Before Sunday’s kickoff, the stars were out in force all across the Twin Cities.

One of the hottest tickets was the Jennifer Lopez concert at the newly-renovated Armory.

Of course, celebrities could talk football, but there was one other topic on the top of their minds.

“It’s angry cold,” said actor Will Sasso.

The freezing cold weather could make even the heartiest Minnesotan blush, but actor and dancer Derek Hough has no time for any weather complaints.

“What are you complaining about? It’s the world. It’s what happens. There are seasons. Deal with it,” said Hough.

Vikings quarterback Case Keenum is the face of cold SKOL pride, but even he admits, the winter weather can be challenging.

“Shoveling snow is something we are not very good at,” said Keenum.

The biggest shock of the night came from Florida’s own Tim Tebow, who insists it’s just not that bad.

“It’s totally fine, not too bad at all, it’s nice for a season,” said Tebow.

Just because the Super Bowl is over, that doesn’t mean that the fun is going to stop here at the Armory. On Sunday night, the Player’s Ball is happening there. That concert features multiple artists, including P. Diddy and Busta Rhymes.

  1. Kevin Sellin says:

    Not sure why they think it’s cold. We live in Bagley, MN, it’s now 1:25 PM and still -6 not including the wind chill. Toughen up peeps!!!

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