MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A newly unveiled piece of clothing has some on social media calling for a boycott of Duluth Pack.

The company recently announced a “conceal-and-carry field satchel,” which included a photo showing someone pulling out a concealed gun from the bag.

Duluth Pack mainly markets clothing catering to the outdoor lifestyle, and their social media pages include images of mountaineering and hiking.

The caption accompanying the image of the new satchel also includes a direct political statement: “A new way to exercise your right to carry.”

The response to the post was immediate, with some saying they would boycott the local company. However, a look at their catalog online reveals they have pages and pages of other items for sale that revolve around, well, revolvers and other firearms.

The comments came pouring in from both sides of the issue.

“If these complainers knew how many law abiding citizens legally carry on a regular basis, they’d never leave the house. Which really, kind of works out well for the rest of us,” one said.

“Geez, am I ever happy to live in Canada. Unless you’ve lived around handgun violence, which i have, would anyone understand why this is so distasteful. Selling my Duluth bad and no longer supporting your company,” said another comment.

Comments (2)
  1. FreschFisch says:

    Many “young hipsters” are carrying. It’s a constitution right. There are plenty of these types of bags on the market already. This one happens to be made in the Duluth and looks nice. Maybe the person filling up with gas next to you is legally carrying, or buying paint next to you at the store, or in line next to you at the fast food joint or walking around by the Ice Palace.

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