ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Negotiations continue in an effort to avert a teachers’ strike set for Tuesday in the St. Paul School District.

The St. Paul Federation of Teachers says talks were underway Sunday and will continue Monday, if necessary. But the union says teachers are ready to hit the picket lines Tuesday morning if there’s no agreement by then. The district has about 3,200 teachers and nearly 37,000 students.

The district seeks to hold new spending for teachers to just over $2 million annually. The union’s wide-ranging proposals for improving learning conditions, including smaller classes and increased staffing, would cost $159 million over two years.

The union has proposed pay increases of 2.5 percent this year and next, while the district offered 1 percent.

St. Paul teachers last went on strike in 1946.

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Comments (2)
  1. The St. Paul Federation of Teachers -MAFIA is holding the parents and students of St.Paul hostage for more lavish public employee benefits that the parents could only dream of in the private sector. Quick, parents transfer you student out of the St. Paul school system.Now!(Your student is worth 10,000+ dollars to them)

  2. So what if they strike. The administration of St Paul Schools is so rotten, the teachers so incompetent, and the students so lacking in capacity to come ready to learn, that a shutdown is of no serious consequence. Let’s not pretend that anything worthwhile is taught in the St Paul Public Schools to begin with.