MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Twenty eight Minnesota couples lives are changed forever because of the way they spent their lunch hour on Valentine’s Day.

The couples got married at the Hennepin County Government Center, and it was quite the affair.  A judge sang and musicians played near arrangements of fresh tulips.

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Thirteen judges spent their Valentine’s Day lunch hour marrying the couples.

(credit: CBS)

The music, the attire and the look in their eyes. Love was in the air in a most unlikely environment.

Jacqueline Regis is a district court judge in Hennepin County.

“Usually what we do has some element of sadness in it but this is the happiest things that we do,” Regis said.

Thirteen district court trial judges took a break from being arbitrary to become sentimental. Judge Lois Conroy also married several couples.

“I think back to that day when I got married and it’s really special to be part of that thrilling day for them,” Conroy said.

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For Yvette and Michael Harris, this day was a long time coming. They’ve been together for 20 years. Michael said he was sweating a bit because he ran to make it in time.

“I was running late. I had to run through the sky way, I had to run down here to get my license,” Michael said.

Michael made it and said the day was a “great” one.

Emma and Jamee Olson made it happen, too. They’ve been together nearly three years.

“We met on Tinder,” Emma said.

An app made the match that a judge has now sealed.

“We’re getting married on a cruise in a few weeks. And we found out about this and thought it would be a cool way to do it legally – on our lunch breaks,” Emma said.

It was a lunch break that will tie them and so many others together.

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The event was free – aside from a marriage license – which costs $115. It’s only $40 if you get pre-marital counseling.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield