MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — They are known as one of the most romantic couples in their community.

Fred and Janet Crawford are Minneapolis natives who have been married nearly 67 years.

The couple live in two different sections of Augustana Senior Housing so Janet can get specialized care. But each day, Fred comes to Janet’s room for tea and they spend afternoons reading to one another.

The couple met when Janet was 19 at a dance at the Armory. Janet is now 85 and Fred is 89. We thought they’d be the perfect couple to give some Valentine’s advice on how to make love last.

“You have to do a lot of activities together like hiking,” Janet said.

“I always say you gotta forgive, you gotta ask for breaks so you gotta give breaks. It’s a day-by-day battle if you want to call it that, some days go easy some days go nice,” Fred said.

“You have to keep it light and fun. Like that comedian said a while back, there’s always that 100-1 chance she could be wrong,” Janet said.

The couple says they’ve hiked nearly every state park in Minnesota together and say their relationship got a lot more fun when they had their three kids, who are now in their 60s.

It’s good advice Fred and Janet.


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