By Jeff Wagner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Preparing for a mixed bag of winter weather can be difficult for public works departments as well as MnDOT.

But luckily for them, tomorrow isn’t your average Monday.

A sun-soaked Sunday capped a stretch of snow mound melting warmth across the metro.

But when those puddles turn to ice overnight, they could be joined by fresh falling snow and freezing rain.

“We’re pretty much ready to react to whatever the situation is,” MnDOT communications director Kevin Gutknecht said.

Gutknecht says plow trucks are already hard at work in northern Minnesota. But the wintry mix expected Monday could throw their Twin Cities attack plan for a loop.

“If we need to get out and pre-treat, we will,” Gutknecht said. “If rain begins to fall, starts to freeze, we’ll be putting salt down.”

He’s at least thankful Monday is Presidents Day, meaning traffic should be lighter than the typical start to the work week.

“That’s helpful to us because the less traffic there is the less likely that snow will compact on the road,” Gutknecht said. “And there are fewer cars for the plow operators to work with.”

The weather event is a far cry from what Minnesotans enjoyed a year ago, when winter briefly turned to spring, with temperatures so high people played rounds of golf or had dinner on a patio.

Those activities might be weeks away.

But if you’ve got the holiday off and feel like driving somewhere to enjoy, Gutknecht has a safer suggestion.

“Good day to do internet shopping,” he said.

MnDOT says it will might not be able to pre-treat all roads since rain would end up just washing it away. But if the temperature stays above 15 degrees, they say their salt will do a better job of melting the ice


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