MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s been a staple of the Minnesota Golf Show at the convention center for the last 28 years.

But no one had ever done it — until Sunday. A 120-foot putt for $100,000.

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“I play a couple times a month during the summertime, just a weekend golfer. Go out have fun, hit the ball around,” Paul Shadle said.

Shadle says he usually shoots in the low 90s, but on Sunday afternoon, his putting skills netted him a hundred… thousand… dollars.

“Close my eyes and hope for the best, was all it was. Have some fun with it,” Shadle said.

Five bucks to charity gave you three tries at a hundred foot putt.

Whoever made that — and there were 34 over the weekend — were invited back Sunday afternoon, where they then had to make a 50-footer.

Only Paul did, which put all eyes on him for the big one.

A 120-footer for 100 grand.

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“I didn’t hear a thing after that. They said the place erupted, I don’t remember anything for the next probably 30 seconds,” Shadle said.

“I couldn’t do it again if I tried, in another hundred years, another thousand tries. There’s no way.”

Was this pure luck or is Shadle a really good putter in real life?

“No, ask some people I play with. It was pure luck,” he said.

So Shadle can make a 120-foot putt for 100 grand, but can he make a 15-foot putt through a treasure chest, for a dollar?

The answer: no.

“You can keep your dollar, I got the boat,” Shadle said.

Shadle gets a $75,000 boat and $25,000 cash. What is he going to do with the prizes?

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“The boat, we have a place to put it, so we’re going to use the boat, and the cash is going to help pay for some of the taxes for the prize,” Shadle said. “So, it’s all spent.”