MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The results of a new survey found that nearly 40 percent of Americans say they think of Minneapolis a nice place to visit following Super Bowl LII.

The survey, which was released Monday by American Public Media Research Lab, asked 973 adult Americans outside of Minnesota on their thoughts on visiting Minneapolis in the immediate aftermath of the NFL championship game.

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The results found that 37 percent thought they were “more likely” to think of the City of Lakes a good place to visit, while 29 percent thought that they were “less likely” to think of the “bold north” as a good destination.

Perhaps not surprisingly, nearly 40 percent of respondents from the south said they thought they were “less likely” to view Minneapolis as a nice place to visit. (After all, the “bold north” Super Bowl LII was the coldest on record, with subzero lows and single-digits highs on Feb. 4).

Meanwhile, a significant amount of respondents (23 percent) said that Super Bowl coverage made no difference in their thoughts on Minneapolis. Indeed, only a little more than half of the respondents (54 percent) could even name the host city just days after the big game.

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Eleven percent of survey respondents said they didn’t know how coverage made them feel about Minneapolis.

Some interesting tidbits in the survey data include:

– More than half of all black respondents saw themselves as “more likely” to see Minneapolis as a good place to visit

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– and 44 percent of respondents in the Upper Midwest saw themselves “more likely” to think of Minnaepolis as a good place to visit.