MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – An Austin man is charged with murder after he allegedly fatally stabbed his mother.

According to the criminal complaint, 34-year-old Russell Allen Spoors is charged with second degree murder in the death of his 60-year-old mother Susan Spoors.

Police were called to their residence around 7:30 Thursday night when Susan reported Russell was repeatedly asking for his medication, even though he had already taken it.

Russell Spoors did not appear upset or violent, according to the officers. Susan Spoors told officers she was afraid of her son because he goes through her things and occasionally gets violent. Police arranged for her to stay elsewhere Thursday night, but she declined.

Just after 8 p.m., Russell called police and said his mother had stabbed herself with a 12-inch blade. When police arrived at the home, Russell Spoors immediately said, “She stabbed herself,” the complaint states.

He said he did not know why she stabbed herself and told police the knife was in the mailbox outside. Police found three knives in the mailbox, one of them with blood on it.

Police found Susan Spoors in her bed, bleeding from her abdomen. She had three stab wounds, according to the criminal complaint — one on her right side, one on her left abdominal area and one on her back.

“She just came at me with the knife and stabbed herself,” Russell told police. When police continued to question him, he said he was the one who approached his mother with a knife and stabbed her several times.

When police asked why he stabbed his mother, Russell said, “So she stop grabbing knives from me anymore.”

Susan Spoors was transported to Mayo Clinic in Austin, where she later died.

Friday morning when authorities interviewed Russell, he said he went to his mother’s bedroom to get his pills, and when she denied him and pushed him out of her room, he grabbed three knives in case “she tried to attack me again.”

He said his mother then tried to call the police. Russell also told police he tried to take the knives from his mother. When asked about the inconsistency of his story, Russell said his mother took the knives from him and put him in a choke hold, then he took them back and stabbed her.

Russell said he stabbed his mother multiple times, and that he knew he was killing her as he did it.