MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The weekend snow piled up too high for some people to dig out themselves.

WCCO’s Molly Rosenblatt shows us how a little Minnesota nice and some free community services are helping them out.

Saturday’s record-breaking snow made for a parking nightmare for folks in the metro. Getting towed is no fun, so playing by the snow emergency rules is a must. Easier said than done when it comes to getting stuck in a pile of snow.

That’s what happened to northeast Minneapolis resident James Kaiser.

“So pretty much buried. Pretty much buried. Whenever I park my car I like to see whether or not I’m able to get out so I rock it around a little bit. Definitely stuck that night,” Kaiser said.

So Kaiser called some friends to help dig him out. A common story in the city.

Even on Monday, Corey Hale is still shoveling. He says he didn’t have time to find any help getting his car out on Sunday.

“Really there was no one around to help me so I had to dig my car out, spin the tires, you know go back and forth a couple times and then dig it out again and then hope that you can just plow right on out through it,” Hale said.

Bekki Gray learned her snow emergency lesson the first winter she moved to the cities.

“I got towed the first day because I was on the wrong side of the street and I was like ‘Oh no I thought I had it right’ and then I didn’t,” Gray said.

These days she just tries to help out her neighbors. A common theme around these parts.

“Yeah it’s nice to have good friends, good pals, much love,” Gray said.

And while it’s a hassle year after year for so many, fortunately here in the land of Minnesota nice, there are plenty of people here to help.

If you can’t find any help or are physically unable to dig out your car during a snow emergency, we have a list of free or low cost snow removal services that will do it for you.

Senior Community Services – Minnetonka

Rebuilding Together Twin Cities – Chore & Senior Services

Hennepin County Veterans Service Office