By Mary McGuire

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Over the past weeks, we have seen marches and rallies pushing for gun law reform, but no real change. That changed Thursday as legislators heard more about two gun control bills.

The two bills aimed at reducing gun violence went before a House Committee in Saint Paul on Thursday morning.

Both authored by DFL House Representative Dave Pinto, the two pieces of legislation went before the Public Safety and Security Committee at 10:15 a.m.

One bill would expand background checks to include every gun sold or transferred in Minnesota.

The other would allow family members to curb people from getting their hands on a gun temporarily if they pose a significant danger to themselves or others.

Before noon, WCCO’s Mary McGuire learned that the committed had already tabled the first of those two bills, meaning they would not vote on it. McGuire reported that as a procedural way to kill the legislation.

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(credit: CBS)

As the bills were discussed by the committee, hundreds of demonstrators arrived to protest at the State Capitol.

Many of the signs included messages such as “Gun control is just common sense,” and “Kids > NRA.”

Comments (3)
  1. These pathetic commies…do not belong in the USA

  2. Hans Zink says:

    How about these lazy do-nothings aim their anger at the Henn. County DA for not prosecuting the Somalian Police Officer who shot and killed an innocent unarmed women. That case is going to cost Minnesota taxpayers many millions of dollars once her parents sue.

  3. Quit wasting my tax dollars on feel good do nothing bills! Enforce the laws on the books! Investigate failed background checks for example! Because if somebody lies on the 4473 BG check form it is a felony! And it could stop a potential murderer by discovering illegally purchased guns in their possession!

    And enforce federal gun laws. If a felon is caught with a gun it is a mandatory 5 year sentence but liberal prosecutors and judges are plea bargaining down to not have that gun possession count. It has to stop!

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