By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Calvin Wishart is one of those rare high school basketball players worth the price of admission.

He is a gifted guard who can score and see the floor. That is his first love, but he found he is also pretty good in another sport.

The gymnasium at Delano High School is Wishart’s home. He has practically lived much of his life on the basketball court since early in his life.

“My love for basketball started at a young age. My dad was an assistant coach at Mounds View, and I kind of grew up playing open gym in Mounds View with them,” Wishart said.

He is constantly on the attack, trying to force the issue, looking for space, for lanes, hunting opportunities. He is one of those gym rats who knows how to compete because he feels he has been underestimated.

calvin wishart Delano’s 2 Sport Threat Wishart Heading To Sun Belt

Calvin Wishart (credit: CBS)

“Sometimes I feel like I’m overlooked, especially on the summer circuit,” he said. “I don’t really care who we’re going against, I think we’re going to win.”

That attitude allowed him to do something rare. He went out for the varsity football team for the first time in this his senior season. He played wide receiver, and ended up earning all-state honors.

“I didn’t want to graduate … with regrets. My best friend, Mike, he’s the quarterback. Him and his dad were really on me about playing, they knew I could help the team. I knew I could help the team out,” he said. “Playing wide receiver, I mean, you don’t really have to practice that much for a wide out. You kind of just use your athleticism.”

His ability to make plays on the football field did not surprise teammates.

“He’s very natural,” said teammate Mike Shoultz. “Everything comes natural to him. Earlier this year he was sick, he wasn’t at school for five days. He comes back at practice and he’s not missing a shot.”

Those skills have earned him a scholarship at Georgia Southern next season.

“Playing the Sun Belt with those guys down there,” Wishart said. “The coaching staff … is the kicker for me.”

That is what happens when a kid spends this much time in a gym, doing what he loves, with the people he enjoys the most.

“I’m trying to cherish every moment with the guys,” he said. “It’s fun. I mean, I’m going to miss these guys.”

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