MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A man is in custody after police in St. Paul say he struck an officer multiple times in the head with a key Wednesday.

According to the St. Paul Police Department, Officer Dominic Dzik responded to a home on Cook Avenue East at 1:30 p.m., where a woman reported her neighbor violated an order for protection by threatening to assault her.

While Dzik spoke with the woman, the neighbor – Erin Jeanetta Bohanon – pulled up in a van driven by 28-year-old Coni Lamark Shegog. When Dzik went to speak with Bohanon, Shegog began yelling at the officer.

coni shegog St. Paul Police: Man Assaulted Officer With Key

Coni Lamark Shegog (credit: Ramsey County)

Police said Shegog then got out of the vehicle and approached Dzik, slapping his arm away when Dzik tried to keep him at a distance.

Dzik told Shegog he was under arrest. When Shegog resisted, according to police, Dzik sprayed him with a chemical irritant. Shegog then allegedly hit Dzik eight times in the head with a key.

When backup arrived, Dzik and another officer were able to arrest Shegog. Police said he spit on four officers while being arrested.

“I want to assure you that the department will do everything possible to make sure that the suspect in this case is held accountable for his outrageous aggravated assault on a police officer,” Assistant Chief Kathy Wuorinen wrote in an email to the department.

Police also said Bohanon tried to hit her neighbor during the incident. Bohanon was also arrested.

Dzik was treated at Regions Hospital and released. He will be OK, police said.

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  1. Kevin Ol says:

    Two more of society’s best and brightest, just more oxygen thieves.

  2. Welcome to the welfare capital. Send us all your low IQ, criminals and thugs. Cash bonus with the welfare checks for illegals. We want to be inclusive. No ID required to vote.

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