MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 19-year-old man faces charges after allegedly threatening a school shooting via social media.

According to a criminal complaint, Omar Fuad Abdi is charged with one count of terroristic threats.

The complaint states police responded to Ubah Medical Academy in Hopkins Tuesday on a report of a student with a bullet.

A staff member told police he took a bullet from Abdi during gym class. He also said he had a video of Abdi robbing someone with a handgun.

omar abdi mug Student, 19, Charged For School Shooting Threat On Snapchat

Omar Abdi (credit: Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office)

When police spoke to Abdi, he said he was the person in the video, but the robbery was staged and the gun was a BB gun. He said he found the bullet outside of the school.

Wednesday, police were alerted to a threatening Snapchat post by Abdi.

“School shooter coming tmr [sic] !!! Go tell the cops,” the message read.

Police met with Abdi at the school, where he admitted he wrote the message, but did not actually intend to shoot anyone. According to the complaint, he “wanted to see how people would feel after learning of the post.”

Police searched Abdi’s home, where his father gave them the BB gun. They found no other weapons.

Abdi is in custody.

Comments (5)
  1. Just doin what they do. Jail his a$$, then DEPORT him.

  2. litibbit4728 says:

    I have so many thoughts about this situation. His parents knew he had the gun and they knew where it was. Is it possible they also knew what he was doing? BB guns are dangerous. They can cause serious injuries and are a threat. He demonstrated that he could use this gun to threaten people possibly in the absence of a more powerful weapon which he was unable to obtain for some reason. I wonder at the wisdom of keeping him here in the states. He may have serious issues that will never be resolved and would be best addressed among persons who share a common cultural history. I don’t think we need to be responsible for the lives of persons who are a threat to our children, families, and communities. It doesn’t matter what he has faced in his life that got him here because so many people face many struggles and suffering who do not turn on others for their own gain. We need to address criminality for what it is. Uncommon, unacceptable and unforgivable. If a person cannot live without being a threat to their communities they need to be permanently removed. We don’t have to tolerate destructive societal members for any reason.

  3. Why isn’t this being reported widely? Oh yeah, it interferes with the normal DFL propaganda campaign.

  4. Dumb move, going to be even worse for him because he’s black. Most of those school shooters are white, and the white establishment needs to take it out on something or some one and he stepped up. Damn fool move; he will is going to be scapegoated.

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