EAGAN, Minn. (WCCO) — It’s Wednesday – the day of the week we head into the classroom to thank a teacher.

Students love Mrs. Lauren Hansen at Thomas Lake Elementary in Eagan.

She uses warmth and kindness to connect with them to build their confidence.

It’s what makes her an Excellent Educator.

The award may be a surprise, but Mrs. Lauren Hansen began her path to excellence long ago.

“I kind of just always worked with with kids a lot, nannying, teaching piano lessons when I was younger. Both my grandparents were teachers and so kind of just had that influence throughout my childhood and so finally making that decision for myself,” she said. “I couldn’t imagine life not being surrounded, working with kids and getting to see their growth as much as my own when working with them.”

She originally got her degree in music education, but the third grade teacher realized she belonged in a different classroom.

“I had a little time to sub and I just found that I loved being with one group of kids all day long, all year, really get to know them, really get to know their parents. So I kind of decided that the main classroom and third grade was just a better fit for me,” said Mrs. Hansen. “Music is great too, because you meet everybody you just don’t get the same depth that you get seeing the same kids throughout the whole day or throughout the whole year.”

There is a lot to cover in that school year, but Mrs. Hansen hopes one lesson resonates the most.

“I just hope that they stay true to who they are and that they would remember to make their corner of the world as happy as it can be,” Hansen said.

Kim Johnson


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