[Update (3/23): Judge Kressel has reportedly approved the plan for reorganization of the Crosiers. A representative from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis issued a statement, saying “Despite commentary from others last week, the Archdiocese never sought to block the Crosiers’ plan of reorganization or its settlement with victims/survivors and doing so would not have benefited the Archdiocese in any way … As the settlement today shows, all that was needed was clarification that the Crosiers’ plan does not allow abuse claimants to collect Crosiers’ liability from the Archdiocese or its carriers.”]

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis is objecting to a $25 million clergy sex abuse settlement reached by the Crosier religious order.

The archdiocese filed an objection to the plan Wednesday. The archdiocese argues that the proposed plan for the Phoenix-based Crosier Fathers and Brothers should allow the archdiocese to recover money from the order if it’s held liable for abuse committed by an order member. Some Crosiers worked in archdiocese parishes.

The objection comes a week before a bankruptcy court judge holds a confirmation hearing on the Crosiers plan.

Victims’ attorney Mike Finnegan says the archdiocese is putting the settlement is risk.

The archdiocese says it filed the objection to preserve its insurance coverage and maximize compensation for victims with claims against the church.

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