By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Brian Dozier is a veteran. That means he understands what spring training means.

“I think everything’s going well. I feel like once you got some years into stuff, you kind of know what you’re — what it takes to get your body ready for the season. It’s a progress, it’s a process. We’re at the point now where it’s kind of dragging along a little bit,” Dozier said.

In the midst of this spring he is invigorated by the team he plays on right now, and some of the people brought in to join the cause.

“They’ve made a couple of good moves this offseason. Very team-friendly deals in my opinion, in a lot of people’s opinions,.” Dozier said. “And then they kind of solidified the position with Lance Lynn. That guy’s a veteran, knows how to win, he’s a competitor. Shoot, I had my rough days with Lance back when he pitched at Ole Miss and I was at Southern.”

He’s also in the final year of a contract. Perhaps more concerning, that some teams in baseball seem content not to contend. Not to spend.

“The biggest thing that we don’t like as a union and players and stuff, we want everyone to try to win. And that hasn’t been the case,” Dozier said. “When you got a third, pushing half of the league that’s OK with losing and just dumping players, that doesn’t sit well, because we want our fans to come out and watch the best players.”

That’s for another day — one that will come soon — but right now it’s about this season, and a chance to be special, then take care of his contract.

“Everyone’s excited for this year. Whatever happens after that happens. I’m not a guy that stresses too much over it,” Dozier said. “It’s all worked out, and it always will. It’s not a thing you put pressure on yourself, you just go out and try to win a championship this year.”


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