MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It sounds a little crazy after the fresh snow Monday, but you can do some tropical snorkeling right here in Minnesota.

It’s an unbelievably unique and amazing experience: You can swim with tropical fish and sharks at Sea Life at Mall of America.

“What people normally see through the tunnel, you’re going to see from the water,” said Tom Cornell, Dive Master at Sea Life. “I get to dive here two or three times a week and I can do it in the middle of a blizzard. This is very rare and it’s very exciting.”

This time, he’s taking Kylie Bearse along with him.

“We have over 50 different types of tropical fish, including some sharks,” said Cornell. “Little tiny baby bamboo sharks.”

That last part made Kylie a little nervous, so a few minutes were spent getting to know the fish we’ll be swimming with.

All the sharks are bottom feeders so their mouths and all their teeth are underneath them.

Sea Life provides all the gear, including a wet suit, flippers, gloves, and the snorkel equipment.

Then you’re swimming in the 78,000 gallon tank with 50 different types of tropical fish.

The fish mostly ignore the snorkelers, but the people in the tunnel definitely don’t. Be prepared to wave!

“The most fun that I have is being able to interact with people in the tunnel,” Cornell said. “I don’t care if they’re 8 or 80, people are so excited by it.”

To learn more about how to snorkel at Sea Life, click here.