BENSON, Minn. (WCCO) — Earlier this month, seven students in western Minnesota were injured when the school van they were riding in collided with a semi-truck.

The students go to school in Hancock, and some of them continue to recover from serious injuries. But as they do, they’re still on the minds of many people across Swift County.

“I actually saw the ambulances and they went by my daycare when it happened,” said Lynn Geyer.

It was a sight Geyer won’t soon forget. A school van colliding with a farm semi, sending both drivers and seven students to the hospital.

“More than likely, in a small town like this, it’s somebody you know,” said Geyer.

Four of the children hurt were from the same family. Sisters Harliegh and Savannah Schlief continue to recover from serious injuries. And while they do, their parents are staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

“I simply put a post on Facebook — let’s help this family and give them support from home,” said Lynn.

What happened next was almost overwhelming. People brought grocery bags full of donations to drop-off sites like Jimmy’s Pizza in Benson. It took just over a week to pack the suburban.

“Front to back, top to bottom, jam-packed with stuff. I was hoping to take a load in my trunk,” said Lynn.

And donations continue to pour in from small towns across the area. So much so that Lynn thinks for her next trip, she’ll need to upgrade from a suburban to a trailer.

As she plans more trips to the Ronald McDonald House, Lynn said her thoughts are with the victims as they recover. And also with first responders who are still dealing with what happened.

“Everybody involved in any way is going to remember this forever. Keep supporting them and help them along the way when the physical injuries have healed,” said Lynn.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the Schlief family.


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