MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Spring break may be on lots of calendars right now, but it feels like spring is taking a break when it comes to the weather.

Even though the temperature climbed into the 40s on Thursday, there was a wind making it feel more like it was in the 20s. And that had lots of people talking about our Minnesota spring weather.

Don’t let the sunshine fool you, there’s a wind chill out there too.

The bright skies lured people outside on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. That, and free hot dogs from the Minnesota Twins to celebrate opening day.

“This weather is beautiful! No complaint. No complaint. We’re here. All these people around. Opening Day. Baseball is coming to town. It’s beautiful,” former Twins great Tony Oliva said.

At the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, visitors didn’t seem deterred by the chill in the air.

“The weather is perfect for walking around the Sculpture Garden with your boyfriend’s family,” one person said.

Others were focused on taking photos.

“To take pictures it is good, but it is cold. Honestly, it’s very cold out,” another person said.

A guy from Spain told us he was warned to bring a coat to Minnesota.

“It is a good coat, a really good coat. It protects me from the cold here,” Comas said.

“The weather is perfect for staying inside and getting coffee,” one person said.

In St. Paul, the brisk weather inspired some people eager to move.

“The weather is perfect for… Well, I am just getting ready to take a run. So it is good for taking a run. It’s cool enough so you are not going to get overheated,” one person said.

“This weather is perfect for… Winter,” WCCO’s Angela Davis said.