MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A group of gun rights activists are rallying at the Minnesota capitol Saturday.

The group, Minnesota Gun Rights, says it rejects the notion that new gun control laws will save lives, and is rallying at the capitol to voice its displeasure with the state legislature.

“Speaker Daudt and his leadership team have completely dropped the ball for gun owners,” said Minnesota Gun Rights Director Ben Dorr. “Instead of passing pro-gun legislation that would actually save lives, like Stand-Your-Ground law, they’ve tucked their tails and run away.”

The group says promises by the 2016 class of elected legislators to advance the Second Amendment have been forgotten.

“We gun owners, after constantly being treated like the proverbial red-headed stepchild, are banding together to send the loud and clear message to our politicians – if you want to pass gun-control, you’ll have to face us at the ballot box,” Dorr said.

The rally is being held at the capitol at 1 p.m.

Meanwhile, at least one other Minnesota-based gun group is raising major red flags about Minnesota Gun Rights.

It is a little known organization based in Northfield.

Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, another gun rights group in the state, says it does not support the political actions of Minnesota Gun Rights, calling them “non-productive”, but does support some of the same goals.

However, Chris Dorr, political director for Minnesota Gun Rights said, “We are a hard-hitting, 100 percent gun rights organization and we don’t make compromises.”

They say this group goes to other states and uses this issue as a fundraising tool, but doesn’t appear at committee hearings and doesn’t respond to legislative requests for more information.