By Mike Max

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (WCCO) — There are so many elements to the Final Four. One of them has to do with the coaching fraternity. Coaches gather here in part to network and to hopefully find jobs down the road. One such young man played at Tartan High School, won a state championship and is now at the University of South Dakota.

He comes down here to get more out of his career.


MIKE MAX: When you’re working your way up in the coaching fraternity, what do you get out of the Final Four?

GAMELI AHELEGBE: The relationship with coaches. I mean, that’s kind of the biggest thing when you come to these things is networking and meet more people. Because of the success of my brother my name’s pretty recognizable because there’s not too many Ahelegbes in the world. But just the relationships and networking and meet some more coaches.

MM: And what do you learn from the coaches? Is it about finding the next opportunity or just knowing more people?

GA: It’s just kind of knowing more people and the relationships. And then obviously a few conversations and recruiting and just everything else. You get a feel for someone, you know what they’re about and if they fit for what yo’re trying to do and what not. That’s kind of the biggest thing is just the relationships and during those relationships you cultivate on what you like, what you don’t like, if you guys are similar in thought processes and stuff like that.

MM: And you get to watch basketball.

GA: And you get to watch a lot of basketball.


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