MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – When Easter Sunday fell on April 1 in 2018, there weren’t too many April Fools’ Day pranks on social media.

Even Ely, the North Shore town that’s always ready with a joke, isn’t fooling around. They simply created a hashtag: #ElyIsNoJoke, with the promise of something in a couple weeks.

Even so, there were a few businesses and organizations that kept up the prankster tradition:

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

The top-ranked airport is experimenting with an outdoor pool at the Terminal Two aircraft viewing area.

To get in costs $10. Drinks and inflatable toys cost extra.

Lakes And Legends Brewing Co.

The brewery is offering dog-owners a waters-from-around-the-world flight for their four-legged drinking buddies.

The flight, which currently offers both “Wowi Maui” and “A Lick of Laos,” costs $10.

University of Minnesota

The Weisman Art Museum gets an ultra-modern, simple redesign.