MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some of us see the snow as a nuisance. Others see it as one last chance to get outside and enjoy winter sports.

Many of us are sick of this weather, but we forget that a lot of people love Minnesota winter.

The sight of falling snow in Theodore Wirth Park is picture perfect. Even in April, to these skiers.

“I love it. It could keep going another couple weeks, I’d be happy,” Bruce Siegfried said.

Bruce Siegfried goes cross country skiing every day when he can. But he said he didn’t expect to get the chance in April.

“It makes the winters enjoyable,” Siegfried said.

Gallery: April Snowstorm Hits Minnesota

It wasn’t just skiers out on the trails. Snow-covered streets were busy with bikers breaking out the fat tire. And when you’re done working up a sweat out in the cold, why not warm up with some ice cream?

The snowstorm was no reason to push back ice cream season at Minnesota Nice Cream in northeast Minneapolis. There was a line when we got there. The colorful cones stood out against the winter white-out outside.

“If you just complain it’s going to be even worse so you might as well live through it and realize it’s coming,” Brett Miller of Minneapolis said.

So if you’re getting down thinking the winter lasts too long, take some positivity from Jose Benitez, who was born in Mexico City.

“I’ve been really hoping for this kind of snowy weather,” Benitez said.

He says he’d rather enjoy winter, knowing summer isn’t far away. There is a saying that comes in handy in long Minnesota winters: If you can’t beat them, join them.

“It puts me down when people are like ‘Oh I can’t take this anymore! I think there are a lot of open places in Florida or Arizona but don’t complain about the winter,” Benitez said.

It seems the April snow storm caught a few ski hills off guard. Afton Alps is already closed for the season for skiing. Wild Mountain in Taylors Falls is also closed this week, but will be reopening on the weekend since more snow is expected in the next few days.

Standing outside his home, David Roberts and his sons Isaac and Lucas began the arduous task of shoveling snow. This is their spring break, only without the spring or break part.

“Yeah it’s just super fun,” Isaac said sarcastically.

He and Lucas had important plans for their time off school.

“Probably just sit down, inside, and play Fortnite,” said Lucas.

But Mother Nature — and dad — intervened.

“I said before we play video games, we’ve got to go out and shovel a path for mom,” David said.

The April snow storm was a delivery some families would rather not unwrap. Some of them opted for a trip to the Minnesota Children’s Museum, even if it wasn’t their first choice.

“I’d rather have 60 degrees and sunny, because then I can play outside and have more fun. I have more abilities like play tag without my coat on,” said 7-year-old Francis Anderer, who was visiting the Twin Cities from Milwaukee for his spring break.

The museum extended its hours because school was out, but staff say attendance was down compared to last week, possibly because of the snow.

“We shouldn’t have to wear a coat, and boots, and snow pants and all that,” said Ronald, Francis’ brother.

Both do admit they were having a blast at the museum, but there were some people who truly enjoyed the idea of being outside. Harold Canoy and his kids went sledding in south Minneapolis — an activity they missed out on all winter.

“But I”m sure that for some, for many it’s not a good thing,” Canoy said.

Nor is it a bad thing. It’s simply early spring in Minnesota.


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