ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — The late season blast of snow is delaying everything from spring sports to road construction.

MnDOT crews have been working hard since Monday night to clear away the snowfall and lay down salt. That means they aren’t focusing on fixing potholes that have popped up over the winter and early spring.

In the snow, crews can put down a mix that will smooth out the roadway for a while, but for a longer term fix, they need warmer weather.

The snow is delaying crews from fixing potholes, but that’s not all.

“It could make things worse because pot holes are created by freezing and thawing and thawing and freezing, and there’s more now to thaw and freeze,” said MnDOT Director of Communications Kevin Gutknecht.

When it comes to road salt, MnDOT has enough on hand right now to combat the snow.

However, if the winter weather lasts until May or June, then they would have to buy more at a higher price.

There is an old joke here in Minnesota that we only have two seasons: winter and road construction. In the midst of this week’s snow, MnDOT will be kicking off the road construction season on Wednesday by announcing their list of projects for 2018.


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