MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Odds are, more than a few Minnesotans have taken to quoting Prince in the last 48 hours: “Sometimes it Snows in April.”

Well, the Twin Cities have just seen the largest April snow event since before Prince even wrote that song — the largest in 34 years, in fact.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport measured 9 inches of snow during the event. Northeast Minneapolis saw over 10 inches. Many other parts of the Twin Cities reported more than a half foot.

Plows have been very busy over the past couple of days. The State Patrol reports there were more than 400 crashes and another 400 spinouts or vehicles off the road around the state; of those, 32 involved injuries.

As grumpy as the fresh snow has made most Minnesotans, the cherry on top of this winter blast sundae is the incredibly cold air that’s moving its way into the region.

WCCO meteorologist Matt Brickman says that Minnesota could see record cold temperatures stretching from Thursday through Sunday.

Thursday marks the Twins’ home opener. Brickman says the first pitch temperature will be in the 30s.

“The coldest on record was 36 degrees in 2013, but we could see something tomorrow we’ve never seen at a Target Field home opener. Snow showers are possible tomorrow afternoon,” Brickman said.

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  1. Mike Arvand says:

    Funny how natural events are only critical in liberal run areas. Everywhere else people cope, figure things out, and move on, and you never hear a thing about it. But liberals can never seem to handle that. Probably from all that indoctrination keeping them from thinking for themselves.

    1. Stan Lister says:

      Correct you never hear about tornadoes that occur in red states in the south, or hurricanes, or flooding. Just a stupid comment. The conservative clown is politically obsessed that a lot of people think differently than they do.

    2. Stan Lister says:

      Surprised you did not make a global warming comment. Only an idiot thinks a cold day of weather is one of the key variables to look at for long term global climate. Guess I will come back in July and say see it is 96 degrees so global warming must be true. I won’t because it would be ignorant and unlike non-thinking non-objective clowns like you I avoid easy softball soundbites. I Devastating news for you-your friends and family do not look forward to going to your Facebook account and seeing the same old political drivel over and over.